Know Who You Belong To

Do you know where you belong? Do you know your place in the world? Have you taken stock of who you are? Do you know your skills or talents? Have you made the effort to educate yourself? Have you accepted the invitation to be in Christ’s kingdom? Over the years I have concluded that weContinue reading “Know Who You Belong To”


Have you been mistaken for someone else? Have you seen someone that looks familiar, but you cannot place them? Have you been told a certain person was coming and you missed them? Have you thought about how common it is to miss someone important? I’m sure we all have seen someone somewhere who looked familiar.Continue reading “Unrecognized”

John’s Mission Continues

Have you seen someone who is far greater than you? Have you worked to prepare the way for someone expected? Would you like to be sent ahead of someone who is important to prepare things ahead of them? Have you heard the story of John the Baptist? Preparing the way for someone more important thanContinue reading “John’s Mission Continues”

Son of God

Do you sometimes question whether Jesus is really the Son of God? Are there questions that arise from time-to-time in your mind about His divinity? Do those questions come and go depending on your situation, mood, or discussions with others? If you have questions about Jesus, God, or Christianity in general, you are not alone.Continue reading “Son of God”

Be Second

Have you been the town crier? Have you ever been the forerunner for someone else? Have you been the one who was telling everyone that someone more important than you was coming? Have you tried to put yourself in the shoes of John the Baptist? Being the person who announces someone more important than themselvesContinue reading “Be Second”

A Message From An Eccentric

Do you know someone you or others consider eccentric? Do you consider yourself eccentric? Are outlandish clothes appealing to you? Or do you prefer fashionable clothing? Would you take someone seriously who looks very different from what you expect? The vast majority of us have our own little ticks. Each one of us will doContinue reading “A Message From An Eccentric”