From Darkness To Light

Do you feel as though you are in the dark? Do you feel as though you are being overrun? Does it seem as though everything is going wrong all at the same time? Do you know that you have been saved from the darkness and no longer need to live in it? We all faceContinue reading “From Darkness To Light”

Access to Riches

Are you jealous when others are rewarded? Do you envy the accomplishments of other people? Do you know that, if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, you already have an inheritance beyond imagination? Do you celebrate that? We see more jealousy in this world than we would like to see. People will react inContinue reading “Access to Riches”

Hope, Patience, and Prayer

Do you often wonder why you face struggles in life? Does it feel as though you are continually having to overcome obstacles? Are you looking for rest? Do you have an anchor to hold on to during the storms of life? There is One who you can reach out to. We face many struggles, stumblingContinue reading “Hope, Patience, and Prayer”