God of Impossibilities

Do you face an impossible task? Are you staring up at a mountain of troubles? Do you feel as though you have gotten in over your head? Are you looking for a helping hand, or perhaps a miracle worker? Are you willing to put it in God’s hands? Sooner or later, we all face someContinue reading “God of Impossibilities”


What do you think of when you hear restoration? Do you think of restoring an old car? Do you think about restoring a relationship? Are you thinking about restoring family ties? Are you thinking about restoring our country, bringing about normal functions and peace? When we hear the word restoration, it can bring many thingsContinue reading “Restoration”

What Is Your Excuse?

How many excuses do you have? Have you gotten so used to providing them that you can come up with an excuse without even thinking about it? Why are you not spending more time with God? This world wants to rob our time and focus. It wants us to spend our non-working time being distractedContinue reading “What Is Your Excuse?”