Confess Your Doubts

Do you have hidden doubts? Are you unsure or insecure about something? Are you hoping no one sees what you have covered with an outer shell? Has your hidden doubt led to fear? How would you feel if it was revealed? We sometimes have doubts we don’t want to reveal. Those doubts eat away atContinue reading “Confess Your Doubts”

Living In Fear

Have you ever experienced being in awe? Have you been overwhelmed with a feeling of admiration? Have you experienced fear? Are you in awe of something? Do you have admiration for someone? Most of us have experienced one or more of these emotions. Our emotions come and go. There are times we admire someone forContinue reading “Living In Fear”

Stand Strong

Are you in a battle? Does it seem as though you have battles raging on multiple fronts? Are you wrestling with attacks coming from different sources? Would you consider the possibility all those attacks are coming from one source? For most of us, our lives have been disrupted for many months. We feel as thoughContinue reading “Stand Strong”