Always and Forever

How often have you wished you had someone to help you? How often have you wished you had someone you could rely on to be your advocate when you are in trouble? Do you know you have someone who is your advocate and who will help you? Having an advocate when you are in troubleContinue reading “Always and Forever”

Bear Good Fruit

Do you think of yourself as being a good person? Would you like to be a better person? How do you define a good person? What if you could receive guidance and help in becoming a better person? Would you accept it? Most of us want to be better than we are. We want othersContinue reading “Bear Good Fruit”

The Kingdom Among Us

Are you looking forward to heaven? Do you have a picture in your mind of what it may look like? What would you think if I told you the kingdom of God is here, right now? Would you think I’ve gone out of my mind? With all the chaos going on around us, we likelyContinue reading “The Kingdom Among Us”