Count Your Blessings

Do you wonder if you are blessed? Does it feel like there are times when you are not blessed? Wouldn’t it be nice to know you are blessed at all times? Do you know you are blessed? What if you were to count your blessings? Do you think you would be able to count themContinue reading “Count Your Blessings”

Believe Jesus is Alive

Are you sometimes baffled by something you hear? Do you ask the person to repeat themselves? Have you heard some outlandish claims? How do you react to those? In disbelief? Accept them for truth? Have you accepted Jesus as truth? There is no denying that some people say the most outlandish things. Sometimes, it isContinue reading “Believe Jesus is Alive”

Jesus Appeared

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see Jesus? Would you like to have a conversation with Him? Would you like to see the wounds on His wrists, feet, and side? Do you know He appeared to hundreds of people after He rose from the grave? The story of someone rising fromContinue reading “Jesus Appeared”